8:21pm 03-03-2023
Thank you for visiting in chat.(3.3.2023)
Great music you have! Thank you! Stand in light.
Greetings from Finland. Take care.Listening your music!
10:58am 12-16-2022
Robert Golby
Just to confirm RECEIVED (link to Go Fund Me bonus).

Many thanks
6:07pm 08-24-2022
Sven-Arne Nilsen
Hi have you a release date of the New Damanek album?
Som live dates?
Keeper UP the ggod work.
Replied on: 9:16am 11-11-2022

Release date is 13/01/2023

2:06pm 12-18-2021
Sven-Arne Nilsen
I wish you and your family a merry Cristmas and happy new year.
Hope to see the release of the new in album in the start of 2022.
Stay safe !
Hope to see you live next year.
Best regards
6:53pm 11-17-2021
Sven-Arne Nilsen
Hope you and your family are well.
Are there any hope of the new album this year ?
I am really looking forward to hear it.
Best regards
Replied on: 2:48pm 11-18-2021

Still with Sean in Adelaide as it has been for quite a while now
We are just waiting for progress.

11:22am 12-28-2020
Sven-Arne Nilsen
Hope you and your family have had a happy Cristmas. I wish you all a happy new year. Hope to here some new music soon.
Best regards
Replied on: 12:23pm 12-28-2020

Thank you....
The album is being worked on ... under difficult conditions of course sadly
We expect its release in 2021
We think it’s a goodie!

1:27pm 06-12-2020
Sven-Arne Nilsen
Hope you are well Guy and making music. Looking forward to hear the new Album. Do you have any news about when it will be released?
Keep safe and keep up the good work.

Best regards
Replied on: 5:06pm 06-12-2020

Sean is working on the arrangements from my demos as we speak
I will update status as we get more into it

4:14pm 04-21-2020
Sven-Arne Nilsen
Why must we look elsewhere to find stuff like this?
Your hope page!

GUY MANNING is organizing this fundraiser.
Created April 4, 2020
Creative Arts, Music & Film

Hopefully you get a lot of people donate for something wonderful. Looking forward to hear the new album.

Hope you all are well in these troubled times.

Best regards
Replied on: 5:07pm 04-21-2020

The reason there Is nothing public is because we have not started It officially yet
We will announce when there something to tell everyone about

3:16am 01-22-2020
Some years ago, Guy Manning, I interviewed you for Progression magazine about your warm, gentle brand of progrock. I remember in another interview your humbly lamenting your work not rising to the level of the progrock greats. Well, after listening to In Flight, wanted to let you know that “Great Eastern” is one of the very best progrock epics I have ever heard. Was a tearful, shaken mess by its conclusion, and look forward to many future repeated listenings. The rest of In Flight is merely excellent! So congrats to everyone involved, I have to catch up ordering Damanek’s first, and am licking my chops over a third release. Very best wishes from David Taylor
Replied on: 9:07am 01-22-2020

Thanks David
On behalf of us all, very much appreciated

8:12pm 12-24-2019
Sven-Arne Nilsen
Merry Chrismas to you and Your Family!
Happy New Year as well.

Hope to hear some more News about the New album.
Are you gonna play some concerts in 2020?
Keep ip the good work.
10:10am 10-13-2019
Rémy Martin
Bravo , j'ai acheté l'album "In flight" , j'adore votre musique , rock progressif teinté de jazz qui me rappelle certains groupes des 70's . J'attends avec impatience le troisième opus . Merci
1:59pm 08-23-2019
Sven-Arne Nilsen
4 - Four months of nothing on your website!
Is there no news to tell us fans?
Replied on: 5:39pm 08-23-2019

Hi Sven
Other than i have written 80+ mins of new music and we are currently planning the new (3rd) album, there is nothing much to tell you right now
Once we have shortlisted the material and have a better idea of the line-up for the next one, i will update the website, I promise!

12:01pm 12-14-2018
Sven-Arne Nilsen
I and my daughter and me went to Holland to watch you live.
It was a marvelous evening with three great bands. Hope to have some new music from you soon Guy. I really wanted to talk to you but I have a very bad flue, so I kept distance. Hope to see / hear you soon. Merry Christmas to you and the rest of the band with family.
Keep up the fantastic work.

9:53am 12-14-2018
Hello! Really enjoyed the sound. Nice feeling through the songs.

Greetings from Brazil! (where we are missing good bands like this).
12:02pm 12-25-2017
Sven-Arne Nilsen
Hi Guy

I want to wish you and your family a Merry Christas and a happy New Year,

The same to the rest of the band.

Love from NORWA!

Hope to see you all and hear some new music in 2018.
Replied on: 12:35pm 12-25-2017

Thank you so much...back at you....
See you in 2018

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